SPAN Enterprises, a startup software company specializing in web app development, will be moving into its new 12,000 SF headquarters in the Shiland Hills Shopping Center off Celanese Road in Rock Hill, SC. After a long and tedious construction process, they are hoping to move into the space in early March 2021. Agie Sundaram and Naga Palanisamy founded SPAN in 2009 and have developed apps such as PayWow (web-based payroll), Tax Bandits (W2, 1099, IRS form e-filing), TaxLogics (large scale e-filing) SpanPlan, Express IFTA, Express Tax Filings, Truck Logics, Inspherio, Express 990, Myunitbuzz and many more. In 2016, SPAN was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. SPAN was the only company from Rock Hill to make the list, they were rated at the No. 21 spot for South Carolina and as the 15th fastest-growing company in the Charlotte region. Over the years they have cemented themselves as a major player in the technology field and look forward to many more great years of success.

SPAN Enterprises & The Warren Norman Company

 SPAN Enterprises and The Warren Norman Company’s relationship goes back to the inception of the company. SPAN leased their first office from the Warren Norman Company in 2009, a 100 square foot executive office at the Shiland Village Shopping Center, which they quickly outgrew. Many were skeptical of a software company launching in a small town, but the Normans could clearly see the potential. “It was clear to us from the get-go that Agie and Naga were going to be a success, so their growth comes as no surprise. Any time someone moves into one of our locations, we are essentially investing in that business. We were happy to do so with SPAN Enterprises when they started and are equally excited about their move back to Shiland Hills Shopping Center where they began. We look forward to rekindling our relationship and watching SPAN Enterprise’s continued success, and are honored to be a partner with them,” Warren Norman said. Senior advisor to the Warren Norman Company, Congressman Ralph Norman, also added,” SPAN Enterprises is a true success story built on hard work, dedication to service, and providing value to their customers. Agie and Naga are to be commended for their leadership and willingness to take a risk, which is paramount in starting a new business.”

Now, nearly 12 years after SPAN moved in their first office, they will be returning to the place it all started. “We are excited about going back to the same parking lot where we started, in an office with a mere 100 square feet, to a space with over 12,000 square feet now” says Agie Sundaram, Co-Founder and CEO. SPAN Enterprises’ history of shaking up the market will only continue in their incredible new Headquarters. With expansive growth as the goal, we are sure to be seeing more from SPAN very soon.

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